10 Tips for Grocery Store Owners

No matter if you start with a small store. The elements which set you apart from others is the key point. A study suggests that grocery stores are visited by a person 1.6 times a week with 43 minutes of average time spent. Surprisingly, this fact is a gold digger. But the cherry on top, how would you make your customers stay loyal to your grocery store?

Here are a few essential tips for Grocery Store Owners that you would find it apt!

#1: Learn about customer’s data

There are some loyalty schemes where the grocery stores collect the data every time you shop and swipe while buying your products. There is a stock database where all such information is stored as a file to make available to the suppliers on time. You learn about Demographics, frequency of purchasing, minimum and maximum amount spent on favourite products, etc. This data is extremely useful for designing loyalty programs.

#2: Say yes to “staying updated”!

It is very essential to closely examine the shelf products. The expiry dates, prices, tags, review labels, damaged products, etc should be closely checked. Even a small mistake can harm the store’s reputation as a whole. Disappointed customers are dangerous. Once they put any bad review for the store, in no time you can watch a sudden downfall in your sales activity. To avoid such a deed, stay updated!

#3: Place your products on the aisle wisely

Start by placing your expensive item at the start of the aisle. You need to ensure that there is a balance while placing the items according to their price tags. If one shelf has only expensive items and the other only cheaper ones, people get confused as to what is best at the suited price. Allow the customers to find out the full range of the products by placing the less expensive ones just beside the expensive items to make it easier for your customers to decide.

#4: Engage through loyalty programs

In order to ensure customer loyalty and make them regular visitors to your store, loyalty programs do the work. Where you can give your customers coupons, discounts, cashback offers or any other benefits tied up with UPI payment apps, it stands out and is more rewarding as a grocery store. The more you engage your customers for purchasing and shopping regularly at your store, the more reliable your store is considered to be.

#5: Offer your customers with free samples

Your customers would never say no to freebies. Free samples can boost your sales upto 200% more than the usual. When you introduce your products to your customers who are unaware about it, you get honest reviews and feedback by which your sales can either go high or save you from the loss. How? You understand your customer’s perception about your newly launched product which would lead to improvised if there arises any need.

#6: It’s either you or another tech-geek

Grocery store owners can get a profit of around $60,000 to $300,000 or even more than that. Depending on the franchise of the store or newly owned store your profits may vary. There happened to be a change in grocery shopping when everything is digitized. You make use of various digital wallets to partner with you as the customer preferences are modified. Adopting the technological advancements has never gone into vain.

#7: Send customized notes to loyal ones

Based on the product line and customer’s preferences, you can send personalised messages to your loyal customers. Catering to the benefits, the customers are likely to arrive at your stores. Now, your task is simplified. Arrange the shelves accordingly rather than putting supermarket fares and creating chaos. Your customer wants to feel valued. Considering that, inform them about any speciality that they would like to shop.

#8: Employee training before regretting

This means that you first train your employees before they regret it. There are times when you burst out your frustration to your employees regardless of their fault. They need to have proper training on their communication skills, paying attention to close details, being open-minded and friendly with the customers, spontaneity, initiating on their own, technical training, and many more. If you fail to provide such training, you are likely to affect your business.

#9: Parking facilities

One of the highly neglected elements. Even if your store is full, you need to have decent parking facilities for your customers’ ease. Add remote parking spaces and provide your customers with your parking information. The minimum requirement of a decent parking space is nine feet wide and eighteen feet long. Keeping that in mind, make sure your distance from the parking lot and the grocery store is not too huge.

#10: Think about Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing doesn’t mean that you offer low priced items. For customers, this is not the only factor. Along with the price you need to look for many other factors as well. If your store is unhygienic, employees are unfriendly, and the atmosphere is suffocating, items are difficult to locate; customers are not likely to visit your grocery store again. In summation, all you need to do is provide the best services for your customers.

The Takeaway:

You can partner with top brands and give giveaways on your social media. Social media is the best tool for engaging and bringing customers on board.



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