Benefits of setting up a Business in SHAMS Free Zones

Are you looking for Business setup in shams free zone? Then let’s see why Sharjah is the best choice.  Sharjah media city (SHAMS) was inaugurated in January 2017 to act as an activator for innovational and media business. SHAMS aims to be a world-class media hub for creative facilities and services. For those who wish to embark on a business journey in UAE, Shams provide a wide range of business activities.

Sharjah is considered as the ideal destination for entrepreneurs to start their businesses at a low budget compared to Dubai and Abu dhabi. Besides free zones, Sharjah boosts a number of business accelerations aimed at fostering business projects held in Sharjah.

The main objective of Sharjah free zone is to make space for new businesses which are  creative and it helps all types of businesses to grow internationally and locally. In Sharjah, SHAMs is the best creative space for businesses. It attracts a lot of entrepreneurs worldwide as it gives immense pleasure to work in a business friendly circumstance.

Sharjah media city free zone is a world class digital hub that provides you with exceptional amenities and services especially for the media, digital and creative persons. There is only a simple registration process for Shams Free Zone to register a business. It is a greater advantage for those who wish to initiate and set up business in Sharjah.

Advantages of setting up a business in Sharjah Media city Free Zone

  • Business set up starts at AED 9,050 annually.
  • No need to be physically present in the UAE to start a company.
  • NOC (No objection certificate)
  • No need of paid-up capital
  • Complete repatriation of capitals and benefits
  • Company documentation will be released easily
  • Visas for partners and investors
  • Visa allocation is flexible
  • Business set up starts from AED 9,050 annually.

Business setup packages start from AED 9,050 annually. Many other comprehensive packages that include many business support options.

Entrepreneurs wishing to start their entrepreneurial journey in Sharjah media city free zone (UAE) but are not currently present in the country can complete their registration process from their homeland. All the required documents can be sent to shams, physical presence of the Entrepreneurs to submit those documents is not required.

  • No need of NOC (No objection certificate)

For non-residents of UAE, you don’t need to submit NOC from the present sponsor to set up a business.

  • No need of Paid-up share capital

Some of the other free zones demand more capital to build up a new company than SHAMs. Sharjah media city free zones doesn’t require such a huge amount or they never ask to renew your business license every year.

  • Complete repatriation of capital and benefits

The Entrepreneur has complete freedom for the invested profits and money. Also, there is no foreign exchange control or any other restrictions over the currency.

  • Complete documentation will be released easily

Business set up application processing in Sharjah media city free zones is quite easy and simple. All the documentation will be issued within a week time.

  • Visas for partners & Investors

Entrepreneurs can apply up to 6 visas for their employees for the shared desk facility . Moreover, Sharjah media city visas will allow their holders to sponsor their family members.

  • Visa allocation is flexible

To meet the company’s needs visa allocation process is quite flexible. The business owners can recruit their staff from outside.

Company formation services in UAE

Having your own company is the dream of every entrepreneur. There are many options available for the newcomers but company formation services in UAE is most likely to help them succeed. The opportunities in Shams are endless. It is the world’s most productive destination that you can find.

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